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For moment’s artists, having demitasse-clear, high-quality audio recording is essential in the period of creating videotape content. For these individualities, the Hoco Wireless Microphone S31 Type-C has become a compelling choice. With the excellent audio quality handed by this small and handy microphone, you can produce recordings that sound professional straight from your tablet or smartphone.

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Hoco Wireless Microphone S31 Type-C Specifications

** Work Time ** Microphone 4 hours ** Fast Charging ** 5  twinkles charge, 1 hour use ** confines 27 * 54 * 79 mm( 27 * 54 * 79 mm) ** Connectivity **2.4 G wireless connection ** comity ** Smartphones and tablets with Type- C anchorages ** Transmission Range Up to 120  measures,( without obstacles) ** Battery Capacity 70mAh, Charging Case 450mAh 79 grams total weight,8.7 grams for the microphone * fresh features include a charging case, a lavalier clip, and a froth windshield.

Style and Handling

With portability in mind, the Hoco Wireless Microphone S31 Type-C was created. It is lightweight and portable due to its small size. It is small enough to fit into your pocket or purse and carry with you wherever you go. The microphone is secure and convenient to charge thanks to the charging case that comes with it.

Sound Quality:

The Hoco Wireless Microphone S31 Type-C has excellent audio quality in malignancy of its compact size. The digital silicone microphone reduces background noise and captures your voice demitasse clear. For voiceovers, interviews, and videotape recordings, it’s perfect.   Range and Connectivity   Using a Type-C2. 4G wireless connection, the Hoco Wireless Microphone S31 has a hindrance-free range of over to 120  measures. This lets you watch crisp videotape indeed when you are not using your tablet or smartphone.

Hoco Wireless Microphone S31 Type-C:

An Accessible Companion for Generators These days, everyone wants to produce amazing flicks, but sometimes, the low audio quality from the smartphone’s erected-in microphone makes you less enthusiastic. The Hoco Wireless Microphone S31 Type-C is useful in this situation. With the help of this small and stoner-friendly microphone, you can capture audio that sounds professional just from your tablet or smartphone! Let’s examine the implicit benefits this microphone can offer to artists.

Expert Audio That You Can Carry in Your Bag:

With portability in mind, the Hoco Wireless Microphone S31 Type-C was created. It fits in your fund or carry-on due to its small size( about the size of a key) and lightweight(  roughly 8 grams). The microphone is defended and may be charged with the handed charging case. With this configuration, you can record high-quality audio at any time, any place.

Exceptionally Clear Audio:

The small size isn’t deceptive. The audio quality of the Hoco Wireless Microphone S31 Type-C is excellent. The digital silicone microphone reduces background noise while landing your voice easily and loudly. This microphone makes sure that your followership can fluently hear you whether you are doing a live sluice, interview, or recording a fantastic voiceover.

Record Without Limits:

Anywhere   When exercising a conventional microphone, you’re constantly bound by lines that are connected to a camera or smartphone. You can break free from this with the Hoco Wireless Microphone S31 Type-C. It makes use of a practical 2.4 G wireless connection with a hindrance-free effective range of over 120  measures. You can maintain a clear and robust audio connection while speaking, recording in a vast space, or indeed moving around during an interview.

Simple to Use and Practical:

We’re apprehensive that intricate arrangements can stifle original study. Type-C was considered throughout the Hoco Wireless Microphone S31 design to ensure ease of operation. There are not any grueling settings or buttons. To begin recording, just use the Lavalier clip that comes with the microphone to fasten it to your garment and plug the receiver into the Type-C harborage on your phone. The froth windscreen that comes with the microphone helps to minimize wind noise, which improves the quality of your recordings.   A state-of-the-art multifunctional contrivance, the Hoco Wireless Microphone S31 Type-C is perfect for live streaming, podcasting, gaming, and videotape products.

Let’s examine this device’s characteristics and capabilities in further detail  Important characteristics.

  • Type-C Connection The Hoco S31 has a Type-C connection, which makes it simple to connect to tablets, laptops, smartphones, and other widgets. It has draw-and-play connectivity and does not need any further motorists or software. 
  • Wireless Connectivity A2.4 GHz band wireless receiver is included with the Hoco S31. As a result, you can operate the microphone up to 120  measures( 394  bases) down from the receiver. so that you have unrestricted movement while doing your tasks. 
  • Extended Battery Provisory The microphone features a rechargeable battery that can run the device continuously for about six hours on a single charge. The receiver unit also features an internal battery with an anticipated 8-hour battery life.  
  • Charging Case The Hoco S31 has a charging case that allows you to charge the receiver and microphone at the same time. A 1000mAh battery inside the case enables repeated charging of the microphone and receiver. 
  • Sound Quality With a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, the Hoco S31 is a capsule condenser microphone. also, noise cancellation technology is used to guarantee an audio affair that’s clear and nonstop.   
  • Multi-use comity The Hoco S31 works faultlessly with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac computers. therefore, it can be employed for a variety of purposes, including live streaming, gaming, podcasting, and videotape recording. 
  • Portability The receiver and microphone are both small and light, making them accessible to transport. You can keep all of your musts in one place because the charging case is compact and practical. 

The Hoco Wireless Microphone S31 Type-C is a fantastic option for podcasters, gamers, filmmakers, and directors because of its features. It’s inimitable due to its superb audio quality, extended battery life, wireless connectivity, and portability. The Hoco S31 can accommodate all of your audio needs, whether you are at home or on the go.  Using this microphone is relatively simple. All you have to do is switch on the microphone and connect the receiver to your device. After that, you can begin recording right down. You will be able to move around freely thanks to wireless connectivity, and noise-cancellation technology will keep your hail clear and continued.  

The following features of wireless microphone systems from other top brands can be compared with Hoco Wireless Microphone S31 Type-C:

Rode Go Microphone:

One of the top manufacturers of wireless microphone systems is Road Go. The Rode Go Microphone costs a little further than the Hoco S31, but it also has superior audio quality. On the other hand, the Hoco S31’s Type-C connector increases its comity with contemporary widgets. The Hoco also has a lengthy battery life.

Samson Go Microphone:

The Samson Go wireless microphone outfit is nicely priced. It’s less precious than the Hoco S31, but it has a shorter battery life and no Type-C connectivity. Samson Go’s range is hardly less than Hoco’s,  however.

Bose SoundLink Color II

This high-end wireless speaker microphone system is called the SoundLink. Although it has great audio quality, the pricing is also very expensive. The Hoco S31 is a featherlight,  fluently transmittable, and nicely priced result.

JBL Pro Bionic:

This excellent wireless microphone system has a long-range and demitasse-clear audio quality. Although it’s rather precious, this is a fantastic volition if you are looking for a high-end system for professional use. Hoco S31 is a decent choice for the midrange.

Apple AirPods:

Unlike other wireless earphone systems, Apple AirPods don’t include a microphone. It does,  still, have an intertwined microphone for voice recording and videotape calling. The Hoco S31 includes a devoted, advanced-quality microphone, but AirPods can also be employed with their erected-in microphone.


 Therefore, the Hoco Wireless Microphone S31 Type-C is a fantastic midrange choice with numerous excellent rates on its own,  similar to Type-C connectivity, high-quality audio, an extended battery life, and a reasonable price. It’s an excellent option for home druggies, videographers, and artists likewise.

To add up, the Hoco Wireless Microphone S31 Type-C is the most effective contrivance in its class,  largely adaptable, and nicely priced. This wireless microphone tackle has great audio quality in addition to offering contemporary Type-C connectivity. For those who produce, record vids, podcast, or play games, this device is the perfect mate due to its extended battery life and portability.   

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